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9 Jan 2010

Day 1: No where else I'd rather be

So it has occurred to me this evening as I putty the random holes in the baseboard of my new living room, there is no where I'd rather be. With my honey in my new house starting our remodeling - hells yeah!

Although I bet in about a week its going to get old. Or maybe by tomorrow.

So it goes!

Here is our "before" shot of the living room:
Have I mentioned I hate green trim? Oh yes. And there are miles of it in this house. For now. Its all soon to be "Gypsum", baby!

See that door on the left? Gonzo. Adrian already took it down.

They left us some nice bamboo. I think that's because they are Chinese, and are being nice. Or they just forgot it. Meh.

We're painting trim first, since it has a low likelihood of having to be ripped out to replace our dodgy electrical. Speaking of which - first electrician we booked to quote us did not show up today. Well, he sounded sketch on the phone anyway, so we're not too broken up. Our next fellow is due tomorrow. He does not speak English, so we expect some deals, yo.

Here is our 'end of day 1' shot of the living room:

Not too much has changed. I've filled in most of the random holes in the trim with putty, leading to the discovery that my putty knife is HUGE, and way too big to do this kind of thing, leading to me using the 'winging it with my finger' method. Oh wait, am I supposed to tell people I am doing things like that?

We also cleaned out the kitchen/fridge/stove, its not like we were sitting around at any point in the day!

We had several more discoveries today:
  1. Our water pressure is ..... uh, terrible would describe it well. I prefer to think of it as 'retro'.
  2. Our hot water is ... very warm. In our current house its more 'burn your face off', so 'very warm' I find insufficient. I am campaigning to turn the water heater up the last notch tomorrow. Cross your fingers that is hot enough.
  3. Our fridge is big and lovely.
  4. Our stove seems very turbo-charged. Mmmm.
  5. Ceiling of the living room is yellow. Yikes. Barf. Hello, 'Gypsum', here we come! So there is more ceiling painting in our future than anticipated.
  6. They left the glow-in-the-dark stars on the [lavender] ceiling of our office. How thoughtful.

We also had some surprise paint changes. We changed 'Knight's Armour' to... oh heck, I forget. A different gray. And we decided to paint the kitchen afterall, so we decided on a colour in about five seconds for that....

Am very very tired now.

Tomorrow my Realtor comes over, and we start on the basement.

(Number of trips to home supply store today: 3)

1 comment:

Jeanne said...

love the running tally of how many times you've gone to the hardware store. You should keep it up! It would be interesting. (Or scary?)

I'm so excited for you and your new house. Can't wait to see it someday. :)