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15 Jan 2010

Once I starting SPACKLING, it's very hard to stop!

I could spackle forever, spackle until I drop!

I laid into another corner - Mr. Chisel got a wee bit carried away. I caulked it tonight, tomorrow will be spackling nightmarezone again. I continue to find places I could apply plaster to, continuing my neverending cycle of wipe-plaster-sand-wipe-prime-plaster-sand-....

So it turns out, mebbe Frank isn't our bff... we like the sound of this "Raymond Wong" character. Raymond Wong quoted to do the same work as Frank, but half the price. And me likes. Raymond Wong doesn't seem to sketchy (we are crossed sketchball "Patrick" off the list).

So I believe tomorrow we'll call up Raymond Wong, and we'll engage him to be our new bff electrician.

Poor Dave had a wee bit of an adventure today. We had given him the key to the backdoor, and this afternoon when he was coming in, he dropped it underneath the back stairs. Poor Dave, he tried moving the stairs (they are concrete, but there are only 2), he went out and bought grabbers and magnets, all to no avail. Finally, he called Adrian, who came home and let him in. So, this forces us to do something we were planning on doing anyway, but probably would have put off indefinitely - new locks!

Yes, that's right HUANGS - you can't come in and steal our caulking gun anymore! The Huangs left us with only like 2 keys, me thinks they were holding back on us. So we have foiled their evil plan, and ahead of schedule. HAH!


AuntieJan said...

Corrie, I think the paint fumes are going to your head! Be careful: that is how the taxidermy guy gets a lot of his specimens! He just drives up and down the streets of likely neighbourhoods and finds confused and addled epoxy-crazed beings baying at the moon, clawing at porch steps, puts a bag over their heads, and takes them home! He also makes them paint his walls before he administers the final doses of solvent! Two-for-one!

Corrie said...

hahhah...don't worry, besides the epoxy, the rest of our paint is Zero-VOC! We actually saw the taxidermist today on the street! woah!