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14 Jan 2010

More o' the same

So tonight I wiped down the walls/ceiling in the living room with a wet rag, and then primed over the areas I had plastered.

In doing so, I noticed about 4000 more areas that could use ya......its rather disheartening. I think I will have to let some of them be. I did put another layer of plaster on some of the area where the wall/ceiling meet (where we ratcheted out a big mess), and I filled one nail hole that was missed....but I left all the other bumpies.

No progress pic today, I was in it, and ruined the stitching. Looks about the same, but there are more white splotches. Man. Those white splotches take time! I am sort of sore now, from all the ceiling work today.

The basement floor is about half done courtesy of Dave. We had to buy another can of epoxy (total # trips to home store = 8). See photo:

Does it not look beautiful?? Oh yeah!

Discoveries for today:
  1. There is a taxidermy shop a mere block from our house. Beat that for convenience! W00h00!


Jeanne said...

I'm always on the look out for a good taxidermy! ... okay. maybe not.

Corrie said...

Well, that's the thing, you never know when you'll never taxidermy... and you won't even have to worry about parking or traffic, its just up the street!