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15 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: Long walks on the beach.

Monday night a coworker (Jacob) who lives near my hotel took me out for dinner and a long walk on the beach.

It was my first time in the Mediterraean! W00t! Its SUPER warm and salty and nice. The beaches here have NICE white sand, with very fine grains. Not like the mini-rock beaches of Northern Cali!

Ok, I haven't actually gone for a swim yet. Tried to this morning, but I am SO tired in the mornings still...didn't quite make it out of my room in time.


Sorry for not posting yesterday. The wireless at the hotel is shabby.

But just so you are mentally prepared, on Friday/Saturday there may be no posting, since I'll be off in the Dead Sea and Jesusalem.


Ron - Corrie's dad said...

I am again pleasantly surprised at your condition of still being alive. There is repetitive use of the words "nice" and "warm". I guess these are the main descriptors used to define Mediterranean areas. I had these images reserced for Greece; dustier ones for Israel. Nice to find out the truth. Maybe when you come home, you can show me the desert areas and the green areas on a map. Watch out for yourself: don't pick up any wooden sheckels.

And keep those posts coming on a daily basis: after yesterday's non-post, I told everyone you were lost in battle!

Ladi - Corrie's Auntie said...

Hear! Hear! Again your dad makes sense about getting us a blog out. Timing is everthing and since you've pointed out that so much is similiar to US/CAN then they have CYBERCAFEs.

Auntie Carol says those Isrealis typically have technology in the offices and you should use theirs for five minutes to report in. (dripping with sarcasm)

OK, Have fun and be safe.

Jeanne said...

Going to the Dead Sea and Jesusalem for your birthday? How fun! (happy early birthday!) Who are you going with?

Sounds like you've been having a great time already. Can't wait to hear more. :)

Corrie said...

Yes, I was nearly hit by some CEASEFIRE.