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27 Jan 2010

Packing. Not renovating, PACKING!

Today/last night/tonight is all about the packing!

Turns out Adrian doesn't agree that I have a hidden drywall spackling talent, so I've been relegated to unskilled labour.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the kitchen ceiling is now patched, and I believe its getting mud-ed today. The third (and in some places second, boo) coat of mud has been applied this morning, and this evening, hopefully the next coat can go on where needed.

Adrian will be working on the dining room holes this afternoon.

Oh, newsflash - there is a wee bit of mould in the middle bedroom. Well, isn't that a nice birthday surprise for Adrian! So the middle bedroom is officially on the wait list, we have to poke some more holes in its wall, and see if there is a leak, or if the wall is wet on the other side. Cross your fingers its just a surface problem. (Although that doesn't make a ton of sense, the house is pretty warm and dry?). We had planned on ripping out those walls and insulating eventually anyway, this just forces our hand to do it earlier.

Painting scheduled to begin tomorrow. So I suppose that means tonight is for sanding. Yes, tonight is for sanding, where possible. But not for me - packing is for me. I am off tomorrow, so I can be at the house doing what needs to be done - I would REALLY like to get packing done today.

My Dad is coming (yay!) Friday, so if everything is in boxes by then, it will magically move itself to the new house, we don't have to worry about it.

We've come to 14 trips to a homestore today: we ran out of plaster. And I didn't tell you about the time Adrian went to buy more drywall.

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Jeanne said...

Yay for vans!
Boo for mould.