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29 Dec 2009

Painting, painting, in our future.

Our current leads for paint colours are:
  • Knight's Armor [office]
  • Apple-A-Day [dining room accent wall - and yes, I know accent walls are out of style, but I like them anyway]
  • Night Frost [living room/dining]
  • Silver Spoon [hallway?]
  • Gray Goose [possible hallway?]
  • Gypsum [trim]
  • Turquoise Mist [front bedroom]
FUN! I love colour names! We might go with Gray Goose just on principle! ;) These are Zero-VOC paints - how nice, the house shouldn't reek the first we after we paint.

We are waiting to pick the master bedroom until it is all planned (and designed) out. Currently a PAX wardrobe system may be in our future....?

I also think browns are on their way out. Sorry, lovely couch. This is just a colour prediction of mine. I think they've been in too long.

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Lindsay said...

yo yo, Coralie! I subscribed to your blog, so you better keep writing!