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10 Jan 2010

Day 2: It wasn't so bad

Today I spackled and spackled and spackled and sanded. The living room has no zone that is without little bumpies in the paint, I swear. Jeesh. And we busted out a rather large area where the wall meets the ceiling in one spot, it had been spackled (puttied? whatev) in a super messy way and painted over. We discovered the chisel does a good job of getting out old paint drips and bits. I am a chisel-master now.

The living room still looks the same, but with more white dots (where the spackle is, patiently waiting for paint). And I have started this process on the front bedroom, where the trim is not just green, its mint-green. Yum. AND, there are tons of places the mint green in on the wood floors. We may just leave that for now.

Dave and Adrian worked in the basement most of today. Its looking good. No pictures...I hope Dave has some, they are really going to town down there. Man, Dave put us to shame - we were tired and wanted to stop for dinner, we could barely pull him out of the basement!

Oh, breaking news - no lead paint in the basement! Whew! I was worried last night, so we did a lead paint test before they boys started work in the basement.

The electrician did come, but I was out buying cement, so I missed him. No real news, apparently he is going to send us a quote tomorrow or the next day. Tomorrow, Paul the electrician (Lucanor's electrician) is coming before we go to work, so I will be puttying before work for maybe an hour or so. Sheesh.

Number of times to a home supply store: 2 (total 5 trips this weekend). We have now been to all brands of store BUT Rona, including Home Hardware. In fact, today's "2" trips both are actually Home Depot/Home Hardware combo trips, so its almost like 4 trips!

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