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20 Jan 2010

The "Dave Room"

Well, its been a tough slog (mostly for Dave), but our basement is near complete, and I thought it would be fun to do the reveal now, since I haven't posted any pics lately.

Our basement started out sort of spooky and dirty, and full of efflorescence. It was the sort of the place maybe one would use for a torture scene in a movie, but not the sort of place you'd want to hang out and fold laundry in. Dave made it a personal project for himself, and scraped down all the walls, and then began to put highly fume-y epoxy on the walls

But NOW, its shiny and LOVELY!

OOOOOOooh. AAAAAaaah. (The crowd goes WILD!). Its all nice and clean now, and it will be easy to give a quick mop or wipe down to should it need it. Also, this epoxy should keep out any moisture from getting through the concrete and into our lovely basement. Well, that coupled with some eaves trough work to be down in the spring. (I am moderately obsessed with leaking basements, and quite expect our to leak if we don't follow our plans. We plan to build shelves to put storage on, so if it leaks, at least things are off the floor.)

Favourite Quote:
"Dave, what would you think if we painted the basement stairs red?"
"You can't do that Corrie! It will look like a whore house in here!"

Electrical Update:
Adrian went to the home store last night to buy supplies to start repairing the multitude of holes there are due to the electrical work, total number of trips to 11. There are sooo many holes in my beautiful living room walls...and all the other walls....oh dear....I think this patch work is going to be more trouble than we anticipated!

Tonight is for Adrian to start patching, me to stay at the old home to pack. Tomorrow I will go to the new home and begin the sanding of the patching.

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Lindsay said...

ooooh, looks good!