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12 Jan 2010

Hobnobbing with TV Stars!

Oh yes, that's right, Frank [as seen on Holmes on Homes] is our new best friend. He came by tonight to quote us to fix our dodgy electrical.

He wants to rewire our whole house. Yikes. That's a lotta dough! But he also says if we fix the kitchen and bathroom, we're pretty much ok. So...probably we're gonna do that, for now. Will keep you posted.

Frank drives a Porche. And he seems like a nice guy - very chatty. And he's single, ladies!

To sum up:
  • Basement walls are now all epoxied - I spent a couple of hours+ slapping on as much as I could, because we had about 1/6th of a can extra. I am now surprisingly sore. Ooch.
  • Dave of course spent all day painting the basement. W00t!
  • Epoxy is smelly.
  • Running total of trips to a home store: 7
  • Oh, have I mentioned? If we ratchet up the hot water tank to MAX, it is acceptably hot.
  • I MISSED American Idol premiere. :( AND I can't find the download of it. That was my master plan, just download it. So sad.
  • We worked until almost 11pm again tonight, tomorrow is also our sleep in morning.
  • Richard came and saw the house! First friend to see it! Woohoo!
Tomorrow is our rest day. The day I was supposed to be catching up on my idolatrous television.


Lindsay said...

Frank is single, drives a porsche, AND he can wire houses? Hot damn! Jeanne and will have to arm wrestle for him.

Corrie said...