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16 Jan 2010

Saturday Night Fever

Today, Saturday, more spackle-sand-prime-etc. for me! We actually managed to get one coat of paint (Gray Beard) on one of the walls of the upstairs hallway.

The basement still isn't dry yet, so we up'd the furnace 68'F, and let it alone. Tomorrow I am going to do laundry down there, come hell or high water, so it had better be dry!

Adrian made a clever doogig too stand on while painting the hallway - its the wall above the stairs, so as you can imagine, its hard to reach to do the taping and whatnot, without a million dollar ladder.

We actually took Saturday night off, and had dinner in our new local pub - the Old Nick. is rather pub-ish (as can be expected), but the beer is excellent, and the waiters are friendly.

Sorry for the lame post - this would all be better with pictures, but I gotta run! Painting calls.

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