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16 Dec 2009

I'm in love with this cabinet

So I am in love with this china cabinet. Either we have to track it down and purchase it, or my lovely will custom build us one for the dining room. We plan to put it on the wall where the expedite bookshelf currently is. For we hope to knock down the wall (eventually) between the dining room and the kitchen.

Notice the ugly floors in the this picture we stole from the Internet. Why do those ugly floors follow me everywhere? They are very similar to the actual floors in our house right now, just patiently waiting for us to come smash them out.

Mmmm. This cabinet is PHAT! Alas, its like #5000 on our priority list. So I blog it, so it doesn't fade from our memory. :) Grandma's China needs to go somewhere, and this would be a perfect home for it!

I even love the hardware. And look at that, its floor to ceiling - Adrian will have to totally custom build us one. Yikes. That's a lot of carpentry.


Jeanne said...

I like it! But your cabinets would always have to be sooo neat!

Corrie said...

I theorize this is not necessarily true. I rarely use the good china, so it actually doesn't get touched all that often.