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17 Jan 2010

Disaster Strikes!

We were SO excited to be finally putting the second coat of paint on the first wall we would be DONE with, have spackled, sanded, spot primed and put two coats of paint on....when disaster struck.

Adrian and I stepped back, admired our handywork - the upper shared wall was now a nice 'Gray Beard' colour. I went downstairs to spackle the wall joist I had previously destroyed, when I hear Adrian shout "Oh no!".

I ran upstairs, and to our dismay - bubbles had started appearing in the paint! The largest being about the size of a toonie, the littlest no bigger than a pin head - but there were loads of them. WHISKY TANGO FOXTROT?

Dave popped by just then, so at least we had a witness to our woe. We think that despite all the old paint cans in the house being Latex, maybe the Huangs hadn't painted over this wall ever (without Adrian's doogig, it is rather hard to reach), and so maybe there was oil paint underneath.


We we peeled up the paint where the bubble was, leaving a huge gaping paint-hole. Then came more sanding - very very hard sanding, I might add, because we kept it wet, so there wouldn't be dust everywhere, since we were priming the lower common wall at the same time. Yes, we decided to prime anywhere we weren't absolutely sure was Latex. Bah.

So we had to buy another gallon of primer. This brings us to our total # trips to 10. While we were at it, we also bought a new faucet for the tub, since the one in our upstairs bathroom didn't work at all.

Oh, and breaking news - my BEST HUSBAND IN THE UNIVERSE has seen the light, and we will be painting the plate rail in the dining room black. Oh yeah!

Electrical update - "Raymond Wong" will be starting tomorrow! Is it sketchy he can start so soon, or did he really move around other jobs to accommodate us? We shall see....


Jeanne said...

Yikes! Disasters are not good. At least it is fixable. ?

Good luck with electrician!

Lindsay said...

Oh no! That is tragic. I feel tired just thinking about all this work you are doing...