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23 Aug 2011

Root cause

We've root-caused our bath tub!

It's the overflow drain.  Water rolls straight down our walls from the overflow drain.


Thanks some funky thing to see - water dripping out of your walls in the basement (which is like the ceiling in the basement - good thing there is no ceiling!)!  Yikes!  I hope you never have to see that, dear reader.  Freaked me out, I ran upstairs to bail water out of the tub and down the sink.

Well, this morning I cleaned the basement all up.  Dehumidifier is still on super low.  Fan is on moving air about.  Tonight or tomorrow we'll turn the furnace air back on, to really make sure the vent is dry before we plug it again.  I hope the walls dry on their own?  And I hope there is no puddle of water under the tub?  No water damange to dining room ceiling (yet).

And tonight Adrian will take a look-see and see if he can't connect it up to the drain?!  WHO DOESN'T CONNECT THEIR OVERFLOW VALVE TO A DRAIN?  Seriously!  Route it to flow down your WALLS?!?  Is that a much better idea?  No.

Really really hopeful we don't have to pull down the dining room ceiling to do this.  We may end up remodelling the bathroom instead!

22 Aug 2011

Freaky leaky

Wow, it's been, like, ages since I've blogged, right?

I was hoping my next post would be about our nice porch redecoration.  But no.

There's some Monday morning leaking drama first!  Augh!

When Ad went downstairs this morning - water in the basement!  But not a wee little water that sometimes seeps up from the floor, which we're cool with, but water dripping from the ducts!


We think it has to do with me having had a bath last night - first time ever in this house, actually.  And somehow the bath caused some leaking in the walls (!), and this got into the duct (!), and gross yellow/brown water is slowly dripping it's way out.

So I have the dehumidifier on 'desert', and we'll leave it for today, and tonight we'll do another test with the bath.  Geez.

Well, we had kind of been wanting to remodel the bathroom, but worrying about the extravagance of it, since it worked, but now maybe this will push our hand.