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11 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: I'm HERE! w00t!!!

Ok, I'm here, all safe and sound so far. I can't check into my hotel until 2, so I'm just going to chillax in the lobby until then and blog. ;)

I did manage to call Iris, and she's going to come pick me up at 2:30, we'll go by her apartment, and then we're going to the Negev Desert! We're going on some tour, I don't think we'll be back until 2am. I have a strong feeling I'm going to be very tired, but that's ok.

My first night in Israel! Wow!

Oh, you're probably wondering if the airport was super crazy due to the 24 bombers caught in London and whatnot. Only moderately so. My flight out of SFO was delayed about an hour for people to clear security. Everyone had to leave all fluids behind - although I realized I smuggled some hand santiziter in! Don't tell! Toronto wasn't too insane. All flights to the US had to have their shoes checked (for at least the next 72 hrs), and they took all fluids as well, but no huge delays.

I find it odd that the US is the only country that particularly cares so much about shoes. Since I was going to ISRAEL, I kept my shoes on.

Ok, perhaps I will go read the news. Thank God for the Internet. Its how I called Iris - my cell phone doesn't work, the payphone only takes a card you have to go buy somewhere...I was going to moderately panic if the hotel wireless Internet hadn't come through.


Lindsay said...

I was wondering if you and your liquids were gonna make it! Hurray! Take lots of pictures!

#1 Cuz said...

You've arrived-- Yay! How ambitious to strike off into the desert right away. Don't forget to bring your liquids.

Jeanne said...

Glad to hear that you made it there safely! I was hoping you wouldn't have any problems.
Stay safe while you are there.