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11 Jan 2010

I think I love Patch Cement

Perhaps I have mental problems, but I really enjoyed patching various holes in the basement with patch cement tonight!

The basement is all scraped down, in preparation for the big paint tomorrow. Dave is a madmen, there's no stopping him! We went and bought fancy epoxy for the basement walls/floor, no water or critters will ever find their way in when we're done, man. [Bringing total # trips to the home store to 6]. Eh....we might drop dead from the fumes....but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

OH, hilarious - stuck up between the joists and the wall at the edge of the basement ceiling were old underwear and shirts! I hope Dave or Adrian has a picture of this, it is super funny. Our house perhaps lodged some sort of perve, there was a least one pair of ladies underwear stuffed up there. Hahahha. I suppose that was what one did before spray-foam?

"Well, I don't need these underwear anymore."
"Here, let me plug a draft in the basement with them."
"Good thinking!"

I also did a wee bit more spackling in the living room, probably need to do a wee bit more after some dry time and some sanding.


Jeanne said...

you mean that isn't what you are supposed to do with old underwear?

Lindsay said...

sounds fun...can't wait to see the finished pictures!