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17 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: Beach, please!

Hold the phone.

This so-called 'Mediterranean' is kickass! Woah! Its fantastic! Stupendous! Amazering! Wonderous-o!

I went for a swim last night, finally. I just missed the sunset - but of course the water was still CRAZY warm and loverly. Mmmm. I can see why people have settled here. Its superrific. Salty, and 'oops! my bathwater has gotten a little cool' temperature.

I had dinner on the beach with Jacob at a really neat-o restaurant. It was very hip - this time, RIGHT on the beach, not on a boardwalk overlooking the sea, but all sandy and fun. Below, see a photo.

Then I went to the 'Gam Cafe' with Eitan and his wife. Iris made him promise to take me there. Its nice - a manmade lake with swans and such right in Tel Aviv (or nearby suburb). Funny though, it sort of reminds me of Victoria Park in Kitchener. Not nearly has impressive as the BEACH!

I am going to try to make it to the beach again tonight, this time for a longer swim. Keeping in mind that we're up at 3am to leave for Masada.



Ron - Corrie's dad said...

I am a bit confused: did you like the beach? Hard to tell from description! Hmmmmm, seems you like it as much as we like Vernon, BC.

Hey, Happy Birthday, daught!

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you're having fun - it sounds like a cool place! More pictures!

p.s. All the girls have wimped out of the I have only Charlie to beat :(

Jeanne Schriel said...

The beach sounds amazing! Almost like the promised land? Who would have guessed?
I'll wish you happy birthday now too, since I can't tell by the dates when you'll get this...