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29 Jan 2010

Help is on the way

So I did not finish packing last night. I am not a night person.
I did have a good sleep though, and got up quite early, and now I'm a lean-mean-packing machine, I should have it wiped out soon.

[As aside - How will I know its morning when its still dark outside and I don't have the gentle rumble of the subway to let me know its ok to get up?? New house is too far from subway to feel its minor earthquake every 3 minutes. Hrmm. I suppose I'll hear buses. Great.]

Yesterday at the ranch, Dave primed painted the front bedroom. Oooh. Ahh. Adrian patched the dining room (parts of? There were a lotta holes in the dining room! I'm not sure how much got done last night, I was at the old house), and put the 2nd last coats of mud in the kitchen/living room. Oh, except that one spot in the living room, it needs like 3 more coats. :(

Also, I prepped the kitchen, it just needs one more layer of mud, and then its ready for painting today. Am sore today, from all the sanding - that darn green trim wasn't taking to primer very well, so I roughed up all the trim in the kitchen.

Dad and Mo Mo arrive in ~3 hours! w00t!


Lindsay said...

Packing is the WORST! Glad you're almost done! I'm not looking forward to packing up my stuff...I remember the good ol' days in University when I could pack up and move in an hour...siiiigh.

Corrie said...

Yeah, totally. Who knew I had so much kitchen stuff??

Jeanne said...

You are going to have the best muscles by the time your house is all done and beautiful. :)