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24 Jan 2010

This post is bought to you by the number 12

and the letter "M" for "mud".

I believe I'm at 12 trips to a home store now. Bought a ginormous can of paint for the trim, and many more cans of primer. And a drywall knife! W00t!

Its all coming along. Most of the front bedroom has its first coat of mud, and most of the living room has its first coat of mud - except where Ad is going to pull out the 1/4" drywall and replace with 3/8", due to our excessively thick ceiling in that area.

We've draped the kitchen, and Ad will start on the patch for the kitchen ceiling tomorrow night. And I better get myself in gear and finish the ceiling in the front bedroom in the mean time - and since mudding and taping the patch is faster than the cutting and screwing of the patch, I should have time tomorrow night.

Am SO tired now.

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