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23 Jan 2010

Workin' in a coal mine, going down down down, workin' in a coal mine....

We are in for a heap o' trouble! We work all day, and only the front bedroom is patched. And by "patched", I mean little squares of drywall are screwed in - none of that other jazz is done yet. And the ceiling, it is still a big hole.

This is what the hole from yesterday looks like now, and this is what the wall-vent looks like now! I have to say, very swanky, it was looking pretty sketchy originally.

Poor Dave has realized we're unlikely to be done before we move in, and again has offered his services, to help paint later in the week. Thanks Dave!

Today I tried to kill myself with fumes from epoxy, so we could lay down one more coat. Not that it needed it, we just did it to be through (I really did have to run outside at one point [or more] and gulp some fresh air). I draw your attention to the shiny reflection of the flash off the floor in front of the dryer - OH YEAH!

I also spent an hour or so getting the little bits of backing off the ceiling of the middle bedroom, where those plastic glow-in-the-dark stars were. A tip - DON'T EVER EVER PUT THOSE DAMN THINGS UP. Its seriously annoying to get off the backing without ripping the drywall paper. I also had my share of mineral spirit fumes from this encounter. And there were OODLES of them. Which I can see doing, since that room was so dark, with only a wee little knob-and-tube light scone on one wall. But now we have a nice overhead (to code) light fixture, we no longer need stars to light the darkness. I'm actually not done it all yet, I was re-prioritized. I suppose I'll finish it tomorrow.

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