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2 Mar 2006

BOM: What? Its Friday?? I never could get the hang of Thursdays....

Opps, I seemed to have misplaced Thursday.

So it goes.

I'm here!!!!!

Boring flight details? Ok. Read on.

United to London:
-Really good vegan hot lunch!
-(Cover your ears Garth) REALLY good vegan chocolate chip cookie!
-$5 for wine and beer on an international flight? Boo, hisss.
-Sat next to 'Chloe' from 24. Well, for a while I thought she was much like Chloe - totally ignored me - often going OVER me to get to the aisle. But then it turned out she was German, and maybe just shy.
-Not much sleep. Maybe 1 hr?
-Saw 'The family Stone'. Didn't much like it. Thought the story was a bit thin. Somewhat dissapointed in SJ Parker.
-Saw 'Rent'. Can't decide if I hate it or dislike it. The damn songs keep running through my head. Make it stop! Jeez, I actually pay my rent! Its not fair!
-United did not have eyeshades. Boo hiss!

Then Heathrow. Augh. Went through security TWICE more. I did get a chance to buy more Kleenex though. I think my bags have been xrayed a total of 4 times. I am extra safe now. I was too tired to send my Grandma a postcard. :(

BMI to Mumbai:
-A suspicious lack of passengers on board. Really. There was less than 1 person per row.
-Thought I lost my return ticket, and the nice BMI man went to go talk to someone about it. Haha, it was just in my purse in another compartment. He then hated me.
-Food was icky.
-Flight attendants wore funny hats.
-The plane was super old. I sat above the wing, and I could see where some paint was gone. Ahhh...I closed the windowshade.
-No eyeshades. Booo-urns.
-Slept considerably more. Perhaps 5 or 6 hours.

Cutoms in India was a breeze! Although there was a lane for 'Unescorted Ladies', I didn't have to go there. I was a bit worried my hotel wouldn't have send a driver, but they did, it was all good. My hotel is quite near the airport.

Mumbai is hot and smokey! Why is it smokey? I don't know!

Ok, more about the hotel in the Hotel post! W00t!

Dossenbach out.

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