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13 Mar 2006

BOM: Sorry about the Monkeys...

I've got some dead time here at work, waiting for the first boards to come back.
And everybody likes Monkeys!

To finish my story of Sunday:

We got back from the caves at around lunchtime. I did not want to be stuck in the hotel for the entire day, so I asked Charles to drive me to a museum. (Anything, really - I am really familiar with the hotel, I don't need to spend all my time there. Its like pulling teeth - the other Engineers are content to chillax in the hotel 24/7.)

He took me to the Princ of Wales museum. I much enjoyed myself. South Mumbai seems way more fun than North Mumbai. North Mumbai seems to be more decayed (read: ghetto), with less cultural stops. I have lost my little Mumbai book, so the less-museum bit is from memory.

Anyhoo, at the museum I started feeling a teensy bit heat stroked, so I sat down and had some water. I still felt not-so-hot, so I decided I'd seen most of the museum, it was time to head back to my driver. I pretty much went back to the hotel and dunked my head in water, then felt much better.

Its odd, its not that hot here - a pleasant 80 degrees everyday almost. Nonetheless, I was happy to be back in the hotel Sunday evening. I think skipping lunch was maybe not a great idea.

Ok, boards due in half an hour....cross your fingers!!

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