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3 Mar 2006

BOM: My General Health and Well-being

I know everyone is interested to know how my cold is gotten, and whether or not that dodgy piece of shrimp has gotten the better of me!

I'll consolidate this information here.

Cold: Moving along, yesterday taking a turn into the chest cough zone. I seemed to be on the way to losing my voice. There is a doctor on staff at work here, and I've decided if I actually do lose my voice and am reducded to whispering (ala the Massey Waterloo trip of '96), I will go see the doctor. [Side note: It sucks losing your voice. Here I was, a fresh OAC student, visiting the school I desperately wanted to get into to, and all my friends desert me for the Science faculty tour. So I spent the day touring the Engineering faculty with people I didn't know, and I could only whisper to them. On the up side, I do remember and interesting whispered conversation about Torque with Stan. "Torque. I don't know what it is, but that big construction machine sure has it, I bet."]

I did sleep VERY well last night, and I think I'm doing much better. I took some expectorant, and expectoration up some of the badness.

Shrimp: Its cool. (I mention this, because as I ate the shrimp, and started to think "Uhhh, this does not taste fresh...", I was reminded of Shilpa in a hospital on an IV due to scallops. Thankfully I had taken only one, so I didn't make a fuss. I don't like fusses.

Mosquito bites: Two. Malaria, Dengue fever, Japanese enchephe..sleeping sickness, etc. - all possible. Well, just Malaria and Dengue fever, really. Apparently there ARE mosquitoes in my 5 star hotel that puts out killer smoke every night to kill them. Boo.

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