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14 Mar 2006

BOM: I don't see how changing my flight can be a saga, but this is the 3rd installment nonetheless.

Ok, now my tickets are really changed.

All those phone calls - yes, yes, yes. Fine, the reservation was set.

I still had to GO PICK UP my tickets. I couldn't even send my driver!

[haha, I'm totally getting used to being in India. I will tell you a secret. This morning the alarm went off right in the middle of my dream. In my dream I thought it was a house alarm, because I had just opened a door. Before I woke up and realized it was the morning alarm to wake me up I had the fleeting thought - "No worries, the maid will get it". Hah!]

So, we left work around 11:30. We had to stop for Petrol, but basically it took un an hour and a half to get to Town (aka, South Mumbai) where the United office is.

1:00 is lunchtime. So we had to wait until after lunch.

The super great thing about this is that Charles and I went for lunch in Town. So nice! Right on the ocean, beautiful temperature and nice ocean breeze. Really lovely! I've been inside a lot lately, it was nice to be out and about. South Mumbai makes me like India. North Mumbai makes me dislike India. Huh.

Anyhoo, after that great lunch I went back to the office. The lady had to fill out my ticket by hand, and fill three other forms out by hand.


It took ages.

I did not get back to the office until 4:45. Seriously. I did have a nice nap on the drive back though! :)

I spent half of the work day getting a new ticket (seeing as I worked until 10). This does not make business flow smoothly.

-C. "Flying home on the 20th, for real" Dossenbach

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