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7 Mar 2006

BOM: Man, I'm gonna be stuck here forever....

I'll be jiggered!

Project slipping. Will most likely change flight to sometime around the 22nd.

This means I miss the utlimate St Patrick's event of 2006. :( [Kim/Paul/Andrew mega Irish blowout, aka Craic party] In fact, I will probably be working late into the night on that very night - when I should be honouring St Patricks the rats from Ireland? Creating Guiness? Um...potatoes? Something important along those lines, anyway.

It means I will barely be back to SF in time to take off to Hawaii for Scot and Christy's wedding!
Yeah, fly halfway around the world, so I can fly an additional quarter way around. Snaps.

Dang, yo.

Also, all other engineers leave around the 16th. I hope Shilpa's cousins email me! :)


1 comment:

Jeanne said...

Fun posts Corrie! I'm enjoying reading about what you're doing there. Although, not fun that you are going to have to stay in India for longer to work.