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12 Mar 2006

BOM: I bought two Saris!

Saturday afternoon we left work a bit early and did more shopping!

I bought two Sarees (also a pretty skirt and a bazillion hankerchiefs - of the medium quality).

What was I thinking? Where am I going to even wear one Sari? Let me also dispose you of the notion that they are cheap. They are not cheap. They are especially un-costeffective when you consider the fact it is doubtful I will ever wear them.

They sure are pretty though.

The bodices are just arriving now. The little tops get tailored specifically for you.

Question - Will I remember how to tie it? This remains to be seen.


If anyone has a party they would like to wear Sarees to, I'm there. Darn, Amit just had one in SF - but the weekend before I came to Mumbai!

Oh! They just arrived. FUN!



a. They are just as pretty as I remembered!
b. Ahem. The bodices are kinda...boobylicous.

This is not what I asked for.

The bodices, besides being 'boobylicious' (and this I will up to your imagination), also just plain don't fit. Perhaps they measured that I had large deposits of back fat? And that my shoulders are about an inch higher than they really are. I think that is actually the case - but if that were the case (aka, I pull the shirt down) WOAH are they boobylicious! Not okay!

I hate returning things. But I can't wear them like this - they need pinning at a minimum in order to wear.

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