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20 Mar 2006

BOM: Bollywood and Bhel Puri, all in one night!

So my friend Kim had recommended I do two things in particular while I was in Bombay. Try something called Bhel Puri, which is a sort of Mumbai salad, and go see a Bollywood movie while I was here.

These sounded like good suggestions, so I've been trying to do them the entire time I've been here. Its been three weeks, and I still hadn't managed to do either of them. I thought this would be the week to do it, but of course I worked all possible hours every day this week, so I did nothing much but sleep, bathe and work (and a little shopping for souvenirs for a very demanding Jon Smith).

I decided I would cut work off today, and planned to see a movie. I left work at six - which actually seemed to be ok with my colleagues.

Charles got us tickets to see "Malamaal Weekly".

The best thing ever - before the movie I realized the concession stand sold Bhel Puri! So I could do two at once! Bhel puri was very yummy, and I munched it during the start of the movie. Totally fun.

At the start of the movie, we stood for the Indian national anthem. Very cool. Good idea.

Did I mention Hindee movies are 3 hours long?

It was pretty fun though. A comedy. I could mostly follow what was going on. I actually thought the cinematography was pretty good - although if Craigy heard the sound mix he would probably roll over in his grave. Terrible foley. ;p

There was only one dance scene though, and no one broke into song even once. I'll have to catch another one next time I come.

C "Still waiting to see if Bhel Puri is going to make my tummy not so yummy" Dossenbach

ps Almost midnight. It occurred to me if my flight out of Mumbai is 1.5hrs late (as currently estimated), does this mean I'll miss my flight to SF? I'm going to be a zombie when I arrive.

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