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7 Mar 2006

BOM: Shopping, part deux

So, I apologize for being negligent in BOM postings! I will try to be more verbose.

Last night (Monday night) was a grand shopping adventure indeed!

After work our driver Charles brought 'Mary Cranston' and I to a different neighbourhood for shopping - no mall this time. Sort of a loose collection of little shops that have all space utilized. I think the neighbourhood was Andheri, but I'm not 1000% sure.

First we went to a children's clothing shop. Sooooooo cute. I bought a cute little shirt for Liam, and a newborn baby set for Allison's upcoming baby. Its SUPER cute - it says "I am a tricky tiger" or something equally cute. I hope to go to TO in July, so the timing will be right.

Then, it was time for buying Salwar Kameez!

Everyone at work wears them every day. Saris are also worn, but it seems maybe the working class women wear them for daily wear, and middle class women wear S.K.?? This is a broad statement, because I think where many things are divided into class here in India, this isn't one of them. Just a general observation.

Actually, its really coool. All the women here look so elegant, all the time! (Well, some women wear western wear, so they look...regular. Most don't though. At least on the ghetto drive to work) Even the women doing construction work on the side of the road are wearing saris!

There are huge infrastructure projects going on - the sidewalk all all dug up in this section of town. I've seen women move dirt using baskets on their heads - yet are still wearing Saris!

That's hardcore.

Ok, back to shopping.

The colours and styles popular here are much brighter and spanglier than perhaps suits my tastes. I think the poor tailors showed us almost every outfit in the store! I kept saying "No, no pink" and "Too bright! Too bright!" and "Too many sparkles" or "Too many sequins".
Finally I settled on a nice blue one with blue pants and pretty blue/cream scarf, and a copper-ish and yellow/gold one with embroidered flowers and only a couple sequins here and there.


[seriously Mom, Do Not Open the next sentence until Mother's Day]

I also picked one up for me mather. I think she'll dig how cool it will be in the summer. Hopefully it fits ok! Its also not too spangly - just a bit. Its very elegant.


Now here is the bad news:Last night I thought I'd rinse my SK, to get some of the new-clothing chems off before I wore it today. The pretty blue embroidery bled EVERYWHERE! It is ruined. Dry-Clean only was no joke in this case! (On Sunday we'd been told everything says that here, to just ignore it. I didn't ask the nice tailor-man who sold it to me, I assumed it would be ok! M'I bad!)

Bummer. There goes $25......

Also, the pants were not loose and flowy, they are HELLA tight around the calves. I didn't realize....

I also bought a cool Ganesh wooden thing, and some medium-quality hankies. I would dub them 'sport hankies'.

-Dossenbach out.

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