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27 Feb 2006

BOM: This is where I'll be staying! (Updated)



Ok, I have to admit it.
This hotel is really really really nice.

Its the second nicest hotel I've ever stayed in. And that's only because I stayed at the Venetian in Vegas for one night (after 9/11, so it was cheap).

I was HELLA pissed when I arrived at midnight and my room wasn't ready. I was all icky and travelling and nose-runny - I just wanted to have a shower and lay down, not hangout in the grand lobby.

I'm over it.

Mmm, how to explain? I suppose its all the touches that make it nice.

The gym is super great - the best sit-down excersise bike I've used, ever. It has lumbar support! W00t! The ladies change room has two nice hot tubs in it, and of course the steam room and the sauna. Also a little sitting area with a bowl of rose petals floating in water. Flower floating in water all over the place! Oh, a bottle of water and a little towel on every cardio machine! When someone uses it, a man comes and replaces the water and towel. Awesome.

Oh, breakfast just arrived, gotta dash!


Lindsay said...

Hi Coralie! So, how is it??? you must keep us posted! Also, we got your st. paddy's day card - thanks!

Corrie said...

Augh! Not there yet! Tomorrow!