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3 Mar 2006

BOM: Traffic

Ok, for all of you that have been to third world countries, you're going to be like "Duh." - so you might as well not read on.

But for those of you who haven't.........


Its super insane. They weren't joking.

I'm not sure how everyone hasn't died yet in a traffic accident.
There seem to be no rules - although I will pay close attention to see if I see any. It seems like people and bicyles and motorcycles and buses and cars all just GO. You honk if you want someone to notice you - and that makes it ok for you to GO. If there is traffic flowing in one direction and you'd like to turn, you just GO.

No one wears helmets. I saw a few guys on motorcycles carrying helmets, but not actually wearing them.

Its made even worse by the construction in this neighbourhood - no sidewalks (are there normally some? I'm not totally sure), so people just walk sort-of to the side of the road. No lanes - you just drive/walk/cycle where you fit. Thankfully, we rarely go above 40 km/h. When we get going that fast, I get nervous - I just know we're about to squash someone. Pedestrians are super crazy too - they just wander through traffic, chatting with one another.

I suppose its just a different system. It did take ages to get from work to the hotel last night though! I'm guessing its less than 5 km.

Oh, and there are these crazy AutoRickshaws. The name didn't mean much to me until I saw one, then its super obvious. Dad, I think you'll get a kick out of them. I'll try and take a photo today.

Thank goodness for drivers! I'm kind of bummed, but I don't think I'll be doing too much walking around. We'll see....

I do think the longer you stay here, the more normal it seems.

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