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4 Mar 2006

BOM: Sunday

Ha! Its already Sunday, beat you to it! ;)

Last night we went for a fancy Indian dinner with coworkers. That was pretty nice. Although most of the dinner was spent listening to our American contact here go on about all the travel he's done, and all the secret engineering he's done, and all the submarine-ing he's done (ok, fine it was very interesting!) was very Ben-esque. Surprisingly, this guy has Ben beat, hands down. The stories would never end!

Some were very interesting. Ask me about the secret stuff in person. ;)

The jet lag got the best of me by the end of the dinner though, and I just wanted to get out of there and back to my hotel.

Today is for shopping!!!

I'm pretty excited. We did pop in a 'mall' last night, and I was highly dissapointed. It was very expensive - and the Western women's clothes were almost non-existant.

BUT, looking on the bright side, I think both 'Mary Cranston' and I will be buying Salweer Kameez to wear to work. They look hella comfortable!

Also, maybe a sari for fun?

Thankfully we have our driver Charles to see us around, and ensure we are paying a proper price for things.

Oh, I bought Grandma a fancy shawl. If anyone wants anything, ASK IN THE NEXT HOUR!


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