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14 Mar 2006

BOM: Transformers. More than meets the eye.

So right now it looks like there is a pin swap on my transformer. Not the end of the world, but certainly not very good.

And I finally got my ticket changed! W00t! I am coming home on the 20th.

Honestly, it was a lot of work to get changed. I have advice about such matters - call the help number that is based in the country that the airline is based in. When I called the United office in Mumbai - zero help. She was pissed I kept calling. She insisted there were no seats available. But I say: "There are so seats available! You can see them online. You can call the other airline, and they have plenty of seats. Seats with no people sitting in them. So what do you mean by 'available'?"

For that is at the heart of the matter. The 'Star Alliance'. I traveled on United to London, then BMI to Mumbai. So BMI can't change the ticket directly, United has to, and the allotment of BMI seats given to United was used up. Its all in the allotment.

Finally I used the magic trunk line to call the US customer service, and the nice lady fixed it for me, for a fee. All good! The only catch was I had to wait until business hours EST to call, which is rather late to be in the office. (I was at work until 11:30. Boo. That's only because the gate closes at 11:30, and if we didn't leave then, we'd get locked in this economic zone overnight. Double boo.)

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