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8 Mar 2006

BOM: Hump Day

So Wednesday pretty much blowed.

My board is misbehaving, its quite embarrassing.

We did go out for a nice lunch, but I have not felt so super all day. Oh, but the best thing ever about lunch - the washroom had toliet paper! Such luxury! W00t!

I decided to go home at 6:00 today. I was all stressed out, and thought I could use an evening off, to chillax.

On the way home (it was just me, the other engineers are working late) our friendly driver Charles put me in a much better mood. We will maybe go shopping for high quality hankies at lunchtime on Saturday. :)

Did you know cell phone service is super cheap here? (Less than a Rupee per minute. I didn't know they have less than a Rupee. Charles told me a funny joke:

At a light a man stops and a beggar asks for money. He gives him Rs 10. (about 22 cents) At the next light, another beggar asks him for money. This time the he gives the beggar Rs 1. The beggar says "Why did you only give me Rs 1 when you gave the other beggar Rs 10?" The man says "How did you know how much I gave the other beggar?", the beggar says --- "I got an SMS!"


So I went to the gym, and now I am going to have room service for dinner (same price as in the restaurant).

I also plan a bubble bath.


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