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16 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: Yesterday night

Yesterday night I decided I should stay in and go to sleep early if possible.

Time changes suck.

In HK at I was dead tired at 10pm - so I went to bed. Up at 3am. Lots of time to work out and get ready in the morning - good for business, bad for social activities.

Here, I'm not so tired from 7pm onwards - about 6am I'm ready to sleep. This is gradually changing, but in general I'm dead tired in the mornings, and during the about 5pm I've good to go. This means at night I can go long time, but the mornings are hellish. Bad for business, good for social activities.

This morning I was aiming to get up and go swimming the that sea by my hotel, but I just didn't get out of bed in time.


Tonight I am going out for dinner with my main contact here (Eitan)(pronounced eh-TUN) and his wife. I think we are going to Jaffa, which is the old town Tel Aviv is founded near (and since grown around). Umm...I'm not exactly sure about it too much, I need to go look it up in my guidebook before we good.

Speaking of which - that guidebook is Gold. I think reading it beforehand has given me many insights into the culture here. Things that people don't necessarily bring up in casual conversation but speak volumes about the society. For example, soldiers in the Israeli army don't have to follow commands they think are immoral.

Also, I've now at least heard of some of the major figures in Israeli history, whereas before I wouldn't have even known 'of' them. Like Ben Gurion, Israel's first PM. If you squint, you can see his grave in the photo I've added to the 'Negev Desert' post - its the dark area (trees) off in the distance to the left of the photo.

Oh, and no marriage proposals yet. :( Bummer.
Maybe its my hair??


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Doug said...

Pleast post a picture of your hair.