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12 Aug 2006


Today we ended up going to Iris' boyfriend's for lunch - which was nice. I am interested to see how regular Israelis live. Iris' apartment is so CUTE! It has a very Mediterranean feel to it - or what I think Mediterranean is. The appliances are small like in Europe - so cute! She has a lovely balcony off of her bedroom, which she never closes the door to - again, with the warm summer nights, I feel like it has a very Mediterranean feel. I haven't seen too many bugs though - just some ants in the desert.

After lunch we went to have coffee at a VERY swanky restaurant by the ocean. It was in Hertzelia - which is a sort of rich suburb of Tel Aviv. Very fancy houses, more parking. Anyhoo, this place (Roco) was HOT. Beautiful. Full of rich beautiful people - and the fanciest bathroom I've ever seen. This place seemed like it would have been at home in a very chic/snooty part of Malibu.

Tonight I will probably SLEEP. I am very low on sleep - I only caught a few hours sleep last night at Iris'. I just laid down for a few hours willing myself to sleep, but it didn't come. Yay, jet lag! I've had lots of coffee today.

I am going to use this as an excuse for why I am not so zesty in this post.

Oh, also - everyone keeps saying how brave I am to come to Israel right now. See - I'm so tough. RarrR.

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Doug said...

I think you're brave to go to work every day when you're soooo tiiired.