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17 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: a-hem-hem-hem hem-hem.

happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me

Happy Birthday dear Corrie....

happy birthday to me!

Off to Masada!


Ladi - Corrie's Auntie said...

Happy birthday in a far away land. How terrific! We miss you and glad too hear you're having a good time.

Ron - Corrie's dad said...

It was nice to have you home last year for your birthday, but it will be hard to beat Israel for a more exotic locale to celebrate your birthday. Happy birthday again! Continue to be safe over there.

Lindsay said...

Happy Birthday from me too!

renny said...

I'm betting you get to be warm on your birthday (and maybe go swimming?). Sounds like a great way to spend your day! (Tis foggy here in the city)

Happy Birthday!

Corrie said...

Ha - warm! The desert was a wee bit ... MEGA HOT! It was a billion degrees for part of the day. ;)