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15 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: Super Pharm

Hello Blogoshere.

This is it - the long awaited "drugstore" episode.

Alas, drugstores in Israel don't seem to be as exciting as in HK. My hypothesis, is this: because its Shopper's Drug Mart. While I do love Shoppers, I was somewhat surprised to see it in Tel Aviv. Now, its not called "Shopper's Drug Mart", its called [see below] - but its awfully similar! They have the nifty shoppers logo medicine-thingy, and I bought some LIFE brand beauty items. Either there is an international LIFE brand conspiracy, or I just went to Shoppers. Although to be fair, they try and cover it up by calling it 'Super-Pharm'. Super Pharm my ass - perhaps 'Shoppers Drug Mart' doesn't translate well. Or maybe that is actually a dumb name, we're just used to it. Just like 'Drug Barn' sounds hella dodgy, but I suppose to many people it sounds alright.

When I was 8 I thought every drug store ought to be named 'Big V'.

Many things are just as you have them in the US/Canada. Bor-ing. Some (like LIFE brand things) have mostly Hebrew but the occasional English phase ("Best before ...") or ("Auquafresh...hebrewhebrewhebrew...GlaxoSmithKline")

Anyhoo, I did buy some VERY exciting Aloe Gel toothpaste, and you know how I love the Aloe! There is currently a party in my mouth, and its health-oriented! W00t! Minty.

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