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9 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: One day to go before I go there.

I leave tomorrow - EARLY.
I hate 7 am flights. Booooo.

Tonight I have a massage scheduled - is anyone with me here? A 20 hr flight is doing my neck no favours, its much more fun to have it relaxed going in.

Ok, today is for running around like a crazy chicken tying up loose ends. Making sure all my work stuff is together is my main concern right now, actually.

Oh, I wouldn't expect a post tomorrow if I were you - I will obviously be flying through the air (with my relaxed neck). I've been warned that I MUST post every day, and tomorrow this is not so much possible. But usually planes don't crash, so I will most likely be ok.

Word on the street is I may be going on a desert tour on Friday with my friend Iris - how fun! Iris and I went to Waterloo together - in fact, we lived across the hall from each other in first year, and we both worked in San Jose during fourth year (for the same company). So how convenient she lives in Tel Aviv now! Yay!

(And Iris is not pronounced "EYE-risss" it's "EAR-isss". Make no mistake.)


Doug said...

Where are you connecting? That sounds like a long flight.

Corrie said...

In Toronto!

Carol and Ladi said...

are you being a smartass again?