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22 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: The Holiest site in all Christendom.

I think the word 'Christendom' is fun.

We went to Jerusalem on Saturday. I wanted to do the Stations of the Cross. I thought it would be neat to do the actual stations themselves.

About 8 people came, and they were very good natured about being dragged around to Christen sites (being Jewish and not having not so much interest in where Jesus fell the 3rd time).

Although the way, we saw the birthplace of Mary (see below). So they say. If its true - that's pretty neat. A monk fellow game me some Holy oil from her .... um, either it was her tomb or her birthplace. We weren't allowed to actually go down. Wait, it must be her tomb. Duh.

My favourite station was IX - "The third fall"

We entered a little courtyard, and saw a Roman column and thought that must be it (see photo to the right - you can see the column in the background). We took a photo, and then a lady pops her head out and asks if we want to see the church. Ok! Turns out she's a cute little Greek Othodox nun, from the states. (Meaning her English is - Awesome! Totally! TomCruiseBlueJeans!). She brings me down a corridor, then into a hallway, and unlocks another door - then BAM we're in a Greek Orthodox Church (see photo below).

I think I have never been in a Greek Orthodox church, because I thought it was pretty wild. Lamps haning everywhere, and saints with golden halos so much like Bedford United. ;)

The nun was really nice, and brought me around and told me about a few of her favourite saints. She showed me the ACTUAL spot where Jesus was supposed to have fallen the third time. Not sure if its true, but its really neat. (see photo ->)

The last four stations are all in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

That is one wacky Church. Several different religions share it (how friendly!) - Roman Catholic, Russian Orthodox, etc., etc.

I found it very confusing - I did ask a German monk for directions to Station X, and was super proud to have understood! :)

The holisiet site in Christendom is therefore the tomb of Christ (see photo below), although of course surrounded with controversy.

Two more posts coming! :)


Dougaliscious said...

Tomb of Christ? Wait, isn't there Golgotha, the "skull place" as they say?

Your trip is really getting interesting!! I just go to work every day, I guess.

Chris Malone said...

Great stuff Ms.Dossenbach. I really liked the play by play- your personality shines through in your writing. Can't wait to see you.

Corrie said...

Aw, shucks... :)