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12 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: The Negev Desert

Wow wow wow.

The desert was awesome last night. We went on a hike through the desert at dusk, stopping every once in a while to sing Hebrew love songs. It was beautiful. We could see Ben Gurion's grave (first Prime Minister of Israel), which is a point of pilgrimage here.

Then we went to a festival in the hippie desert town of Mitzpe Ramon. There was a cool band playing, where I SWEAR the flute player looked just like Bruce Willis.

This whole trip was a trip for singles organised by a friend of Iris. Which was sorta trippy - everyone was therefore very friendly. Many had some English, and would come up to me and ask about San Francisco.

Hebrew is rather mysterious.

Ok, we're going to a house party for lunch then the beach today with Iris' friends, then she's off to Taiwan.



carol said...

I sit here drinking Peets on a foggy Oakland morning, in the kitchen with Louie draped across my lap, imagining the "mysterious desert night" It sounds so beautiful. Something I hope to see one day. I ahve only experienced in New Mexico and I know it must be so different there. I'm glad to hear such enjoyment and wonder in your post. HAve fun!

Corrie said...

totally! last night was so much fun.

Today I didn't do so much sighseeing as I hoped, but it was my last day to see Iris, and also interesting to see how Israelis live.

ALSO, I think I'll end up hanging out with her friends while she's gone, which is WAY cool. Her bf is planning our trip to Jerusalem for next weekend! Sweet!