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16 Aug 2006


Last night I had dinner with Eitan and his wife. Before dinner we stopped and looked at a house they are thinking of renting. All housing prices (rent/buy) are in USD! Hah!

Then they took me to dinner at the Marina in Hertzilyya. (Did I mention there is no standardized spelling for Hebrew words in English?) I just learned that the Marina is so popular because it is safe for crowds at night - before you go in your car is checked for bombs, and you are wanded and your bag searched before you enter. So - no suicide bombers.

(Left to right: Me, Jacob (aka, Yacov), Eitan, Eitan's wife - Sharon?)

I had sausages for dinner, and I tried some Israeli wine. The wine was pretty ok! :)

After dinner we went to Jaffa.

I sort of wish I had read that Wiki article before we went! Anyhoo, I still had lots of fun - its amazing how OLD the city is! There are some ruins of Egyptian fortresses from 1300 BC exposed. Wow. 3300 years old.


ps If you are confused when I say 'yesterday' and 'last night' - I am too. I was thinking it was Wednesday all day on Tuesday, so I had to remove day references at the last moment - I think because we starting work on Sunday. Woohai!

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renny said...

Did you know that in Australia there's a candy called a "Jaffa". It's a little ball of orange flavor covered in chocolate. It's a bit smaller than a malted milk ball. People throw them when they watch movies.

The US and Australian cities are both so young. Israel sounds really cool having 3000 yr old buildings everywhere.