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13 Aug 2006

ISRAEL: I am not dead.

Its been yet another day, and I've managed not to die yet (ahem - you know who you are).

My first day of work - Sunday!

Its been ok - I was a smidge brain dead and tired all day, but my coworkers here are all very nice. They took me for lunch - Israeli food. Hummous, salad (cucumbers and tomatoes, not lettuce), pita and falafel. Yummy!!! People here are very health conscious, I'm told.

We didn't quite figure things out yet today, but we're on our merry way. Several cups of coffee had to be consumed to get me going. [Nescafé. Ew.]

A nice fellow from work lives right near my hotel, and he said he might take me out one night. Tonight?? I'm not sure. It would be good, I think. No need to spend two nights in. The nice lady might come too (she's maybe HR, maybe office manager...?).

And I think Eitan (my main contact here, the systems evaluation engineer) will take me out as well to see the Marina and some cafe Iris recommended. Good times.

and AWAY I go!


carol said...

sounds fun. don't think I wouldn't have gone to Isreal in a heartbeat, if I had the chance. I have always wanted to go. still, we are glad to hear you are still alive ;)

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, still alive, eh? Well, I am pleasantly surprised. I still think your resume would glow with the added phrase, "willing to take on suicide missions to worn-torn parts of the world."

At least your dad knows where you are.

Douglas said...

Since when are deep fried balls of meal "health food"?

Do the Israelis eat Krispy Cremes too?

P.S. Where can I find the Hong Kong postings? I'm not very good with computers, but I'm all excited about your blog.

Lindsay said...

Yay for not being dead! Israel sounds very lovely, but I don't actually know since there aren't any pictures on this blog...put some up!

Renny said...

I'm still waiting for you to get a marriage proposal out of this trip. The israeli men I've run into while travelling seemed very marry-happy. Though I've only got one proposal on my belt.