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22 Mar 2011

SH: Tuesday Food

SH: Tuesday Food

B: Hotel Buffet.  It sort of sucks, actually.  I end up eating hot dogs and fried rice for breakfast every morning.

 And congee.  And there is only gross tea (steeped black tea that is a bit oily - you know?  ugh.).  It doesn't make sense to me, the rest of the hotel is so nice.

L:  One of the managers took us out for Taiwanese food.  It was good!  They had this mayonaise fried shrimpy thing

that was outta sight!  Seriously, I don't know what they did to this little piece of happiness that was oozing with

mayo, but it was delightful.  There was not really even discernalbe shrimp.

D:  Wallace and his wife took us out to a restaurant with an amazing view.  It was on this side of the river (the

PuDong side) in a humungeous mall believe it or not, but it was looking over the river at the Bund - the cool

historical district of Shanghai, that also has massive skyscrapers. 

The area we were in had massive skyscrapers.  It is really interesting, sort of 'downtown PuDong' (for lack of the

real name of the neighbourhood) is crazy full of skyscrapers.  The one that Tom Cruise jumped off in Mission

Impossible is here - but now there is another sky scraper right next to it.  And they're all quite different and

interesting architecture-wise.  Like, why are all condos in Toronto big green glass cubes?  Here there are all

sorts of interesting shapes.

And colours.  Like, all the buildings twinkle and light up and show moving pictures and things.  It is reminiscent

of Las Vegas, but taller.

After dinner we walked around a bit before hailing a cab back to the office.  There is a manager from SiV that was

there too.

Dinner itself was sort of a let down.  With this hot restaurant/view/district, I was really expecting it to be

awesome.  Every dish was so-so.  We had some soup dumplings - um... they are better at asian legends!  Hahahhaha. 

And the staff seemed to be not to clever - Wallace had to direct them with everything.

Interesting thing - shopping is super expensive in Shanghai.  People from Shanghai go to Toronto to buy things like

Coach bags and makeup from Sephora - essentially any brand-name western goods.  To me this is super crazy!  Um - it

is all made in China!  ahahha.  I would be pissed if I were them.  But I don't like coach bags, so I would be safe.

So food is crazy cheap here, but finished goods are crazy expensive.  Actually, I think the gov't adds a sin tax

sort of thing, which makes sense.  Appaarently HK is cheaper to shop in, because they don't have this tax.

For example, I wandered into the Crocs store- they were like $50! 

In sleeping news:  I slept all night!  YAY!  11-7am, baby!  woohoo!  Now, it was not uninterrupted - I still did

wake up every hour or two to drink water and look at the clock and go back to bed - but I'll take it!  I feel GREAT

this morning!

Sorry, wee bit o' trouble getting photos off my camera - honey, I don't have the cable!  But I'll try to get around this today.


Lindsay said...

Wow, it sounds so interesting! (However, if I visited I would probably need to bring an entire suitcase of snacks...hotdogs and rice for breakfast? Really?!)

Looking forward to the pictures!

Jeanne said...

too bad the food isn't better! but... interesting.
Yay for a full night of sleep!

Looking forward to hearing more!!