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14 Oct 2005

HK: Women, tend your children

Shocking. HK is terribly dangerous for young ones. If you bring them here, you are placing them at great peril.

Yes, its true - the Listerine bottle does not have a child-proof cap. I've yet to confirm this, but probably dozens of little children die every day.

Please be careful. I am surprised at the criminal negligence practised by Listerine. It is our duty to freshen our adult breath, since so many little children have laid down their lives so we can have healthy teeth and gums.

Bottom's up!



Anonymous said...

We can all rest easy that the world is now a safer place, not that you have warned all of us! Unfortunately, my children are mainly out of my control, in that one is celebrating "Autumn Day II" (Autumn Day one was a washout, as her two not-boyfriend friends had a bit of a misunderstanding over a girl and ended up not speaking), and tonight, the campground, Redtop Mountain, a slight mountain near here, was sold out, so they are camping in the field behind someone's house and having a campfire and a hottub drinking experience; and daughter number two is arriving in Bowling Green Ohio even as we speak, at the end of their 16, 000-plus-mile adventure, where she will mark papers madly tomorrow and then board an overnight Greyhound to Toronto, there to have drinks and a quick visit with her old friend, Oliver, before returning via overnight Greyhound on Tuesday to pick up her truck and drive it back home to Atlanta, sans her fifteen passengers, all home and clean! I love your stories, Corrie — sort of Lost in Translation, but with a happy ending! Do all of you have the pioneering spirit, ever ready for adventure? Buy a cricket in a cage: then what?

Love, Auntie Jan

Corrie said...

Thanks Auntie Jan! :)