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14 Oct 2005

HK: Hygiene

I thought HK would be super germ concious, with everyone sanitizing all the time and wearing masks everywhere and washing their hands all the time.

It is not so.

They are just regular, with a standard of hygiene one would expect in any first world country. People still touch doorknobs, eat with their hands sometimes when they should have washed their hands first, etc. - in fact, I think California with its many 'Wash your hands before you return towork' signs is more hyper about such things.

Talking to locals, they seem to think that people have forgotton about SARS, and have not quite learned their lesson.

I haven't forgotten you, SARS. Rest in Peace, dear SARS - gone but not forgotten. I will wash my hands in your name.

(I think I'm more likely to get Legionnaire's. I will stay out of minivans for this reason.)

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