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9 Oct 2005

HK: This damn Jet Lag/the Pool

I still didn't really sleep the whole way through last night.
Oh well. I'm up pretty early, so I think I will go for a swim, then do breakfast in the hotel.
(I was actually trying to force myself to go to sleep, so I was pretty excited to learn it was almost 7 am, and I could give up the charade and get out of bed)

A fellow from work is coming to pick me up at 9:30, so I've got oodles of time.

I think I'll actually be a pretty horrible swimmer (I haven't swum in ages, and I'm feeling terribly out of shape) but the pool is just so gosh-darned nice!

The pool reminds me of Hearst castle - where you see these lovely pools, with columns and fountains and frescos and whatnot. But at Hearst castle, you end up thinking how its a shame that no one swims in such lovely pools. No so here - I can see peeps doing laps right now. Long laps - the pool is really really long. It is also repudedly nice and warm!

(A side note - I had to buy new goggles HK$48 cuz I forgot mine!)

I'm off....

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