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12 Oct 2005

HK: Amazing ATM Adventures

Like any good tourist, my time here is fueled by money. Shopping is the number one sport in HK, and it ain't cheap.

So naturally, Tuesday (remember is a holiday, so I have no work to go to) I find myself low on fundage, its time to hit the ATM.

You're probably wondering why this even is worthy of a blog post. I mean, I took out cash at the airport, I didn't ramble on about that...ah, but then, there was no Adventure involved!

I mosey over to the HSBC ATM in the mall attached to my hotel. I enter all appropriate numbers, wait for my cash - nothing. I get a little receipt that seems to indicate I've withdrawn HK$2500, but I see no cash, no bank card.

I am stunned.

It is hard not to cry.

Why would the mean machine keep my card? I've done nothing bad to it!

What am I going to do in HK with no money?? New shoes aside, I need to eat! And buy beauty supplies!

I go back to my hotel, hold back my tears, and explain that the ATM machine did not return my card or my cash. Too bad for me, its a holiday - the best they can do is call the bank for me tomorrow, would that be ok?

I took money out on my VISA. Ouch. I am scared to go look how much that cost me, plus the hotel fee for doing me such a kindness.

Where is my bank card now? Still in the machine. I can go get it on Friday, they tell me. We shall see. Word on the street is my trip might be extended, so I will need this card back!

Stay tuned.........

Update! HSBC says I cannot get my bank card, ever. Time to order a new one.....


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