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16 Oct 2005

HK: Steam Room/Pocari Sweat

Well, work sort of exploded, so I didn't end up going to Macau yesterday. I had some work business to attend to [oooh, that sounds nefarious, dosen't it?]. I will have to save that for my next trip.

I decided I wasn't getting enough excersise, so yesterday and today I've gone swimming in the hotel pool. As mentioned, its a lovely pool, and there is something else lovely I just discoverd today - the steam room.

The steam room at my gym in SF is a nasty sort of place, where it smells like death is growing. Not so here. Its all minty fresh, with no hint of death. Who knew?! Probably all of you did, but I was rather surprised. I also had a nice 5-head shower after the swim.

I bet you're still wondering what Pocari Sweat is. Its a sports drink! Fun! It sort of just tastes sweet. I've been accidnetally buying distilled water once in a while, making me nervous about my poor electrolytes, so what better to replace them than sweat? :) Hot. Also, they have this fantastic aloe drink "slimwel aloe". I love it. I think I will check out the asian grocery stores at home - it has super fantastic taste and texture, and I have a strong belief if I drink/apply enough aloe something good is bound to happen!

"POCARI SWEAT is a health oriented drink which supplies water and quickly absorbed...due to its fine osmolality..." mmm.


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