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14 Oct 2005

HK: KennyG

If you're curious as to what the big K is up to, I suspect he's moved to Asia. While I was at the gym I was watching TV (biking) I saw him giving a concert with popular asian musicians. It was pretty trippy - I'm not sure if he's popular here or not, I will have to ask around. (Yes, the first TV I watched here was VH1, so sue me). Hmm, at the time this seemed very funny to me.

As a side note, I think I'm losing my ability to speak English. It is not being replaced by anything though - I'm just a simpleton now. The more I talk with people who mostly understand English (but not fully), the more I naturally simplify what I am saying, and move my hands around a lot. By the time I get back, I might not know any big words. Please use your grade six vocabulary when you talk to me. Thank you.

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