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10 Oct 2005

HK: Crappy Internet Connection!

The quality of my Internet connection at the hotel is causing me to become quite irate. I find I'm spending far too much time sitting in my hotel room than I'd like. It all goes down like this:

The Internet is down. First, I play around myself for half an hour - resetting things, doing the usual. Then I call the front desk. Then the maid comes, looks at my computer, then she calls her supervisor. Then he comes and resets the ethernet hub, and unplugs things and plugs them back in. Super. Then he calls someone who actually knows what they are doing, it takes them ages. All of this time I spend sitting in my room when I'd like to be out doing other things. Bah!

What is making me especially angry is that there is a charge for Internet connection - and it doesn't even work! I also lost a blog posting last night and spent time on it last night as well. (I was too tired to call the front desk and go through all the shenanigans, I just went to bed hoping it would work). Silly me also did not bring my power converter to the hotel room for today, thinking I surely wouldn't want to spend more than 3 hours online.


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