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14 Oct 2005

HK: Lounging with Locals

Thursday night I went for dinner with a supplier that I had previously met in the US. When I went for dinner I wasn't sure if it was going to be a business dinner, friendly dinner, weird-dinner or what....

Turns out it was quite fun! He brought his friends along, and we spent a typical Thursday night out in HK! His friends where two flight attendants, a fireman and a driver (he is in sales). The whole night we were in Tsim Sha Tsui (for your reference). First, we went for drinks. Apparently in HK they usually play games instead of just chatting over drinks. So first we played this INSANE game with blinking lights and beeping, where if you were the last person to hit the button when the beeping stopped you got this massive shock. That wasn't so fun. ;p Then we played dice games - the same one we play in SF with our bartender. Except they don't play with their bartenders.

Then we went for dinner - sushi. Average - we can get better/worse at home, depending on where you go. The interesting thing - one of the girls ordred this weird hot pot dish, but instead of a pot it comes in a paper in a wire basket - using some magic, the paper doesn't burn. It had a fish head or two, some mushrooms and some cabbage, and it had to cook for 15 minutes before we ate it. Even they thought it was moderately crazy.

Then I was tired so he brought me back to my hotel - they continued out for more drinks. HK folk tend to go to bed late - most restaurants don't close until 12am.


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